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Pari-mutuel wagering comes to Amarillo

You don't have to be present at a horse race in Texas anymore to gamble a few dollars on it. A brand new business in town is making remote betting possible.

Saddle Brook Jockey Club is a one-of-a-kind business not only in Amarillo, but in the state.

"We will be the first and only off-site track wagering place in the entire state of Texas," said CEO of Saddle Brook Jockey Club, Lynn Alexander.

There, folks can watch and lay down on almost any horse race in the nation.  It is legal in the state and it's called pari-mutuel wagering -- gambling that's been legalized by the state, Randall County and the City of Amarillo.

"Pari-Mutuel means you're betting against each other, you're not betting against the House," explained Alexander. "There's a part that goes to the state and there's a part that goes to the tracks and the rest of it is just divided amongst the winners."

More than 40 TV's will simulcast horse races from tracks across the county. But soon, West Texan's wont have to watch them on those screens, they'll be able to see them right here in  town.

"Saddle Brook Park is a race track that we intend to build out here couple miles West of Amarillo," added Alexander.

The license for that track was obtained years ago by Drew Alexander, co-owner of Saddle Brook. Now in two years time, he says, folks will be able to go "all in" on our own, local, horse races.

"You know the love of horses is definitely here in Amarillo," he said. "American Quarter Horse Association, they're great partners, the Texas Thoroughbred Association, they're great partners. Amarillo, I think, is a town that will really respond to something like this, it's something different."

Because part of each dollar bet goes to the tracks, Alexander also says this jockey club will bring more than $500,000 a year to the sport of horse racing in Texas.

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