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Altus school to implement higher security

ALTUS Okla_ An elementary school in Altus is beefing up its security measures following the horrific events in Connecticut.

Sunset Elementary School plans to add three security upgrades to their building. School officials said they hope it will help keep students and staff even safer.

Sunset Elementary Principal Harvick said the school wants to make changes at dozens of its school doors. He said even adding a couple will make it harder for people to just walk in.

"It's just unspeakable," Harvick said. "You can't even imagine. Those people dropped their kids off at school Friday morning, just like every other day, expecting to have a nice weekend, and nothing will ever be the same."

Principal Harvick said just like any school official or parent, he would hate to experience the events of Connecticut.

While Sunset Elementary School's main entrance is easy access now, Principal Harvick said pretty soon it won't be. The school plans on building a set of double doors right so visitors will have to be buzzed in before let further into the school."

Principal Harvick said the school is going to add locks to all doors that lead into the building from the outside, and inside the school, teachers are going to be required to lock their classroom door from the inside during lessons.

"Unfortunately, we just have to take all the precautions we can and hope nothing like this happens," Harvick said. "I don't know if you can take enough precautions."

He said over the weekend, he received several e-mails and texts from parents asking him to please take care of the kids.

"It's really sad that our world has come to that," Harvick said. "Altus is a great community. We've got five elementary schools and everybody's friendly. Everybody knows people in this community, and everybody's close to each other just like Sandy Hook. Who would've thought it would've happened there?"

Principal Harvick said he isn't quite sure how soon the security measures will be in place, but he said he hopes to have the double doors at the school's entrance finished within a few days. 

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