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Texas car accidents spike around holidays

IRVING, TX, December 18, 2012 – More Texans crash their cars during the holiday season than any other time of the year, according to an Allstate Insurance Company review of its claims data over the five year period between 2006 and 2010.

The number of auto accident claims jumped the highest on December 24, spiking 22% compared to the daily average during the rest of the year.  Accident claims jumped 21% on December 18 (today) and 18% on December 1 and 11.
"The increase in crashes could be related to more people being on the roads traveling and shopping during the holidays, weather changes and other distractions," said Carlos Cuellar, an Allstate agency owner in San Antonio. "What's important for drivers is that we stay focused while at the wheel whether on the highway or in the driveway—during December and every other time of the year."
According to Allstate, the top five days for collision claims in Texas are: December 24, December 18, April 7, December 1, and December 11.
Three Tips to Keep Clear of Crashes
Allstate is asking Texas drivers to use the holiday season as an opportunity to consider three simple safe driving tips. 
Eliminate Distractions
Cell phones, channel-changing and shifting packages are all common distractions that can take our minds off our driving. Turn off the phone, place packages in the trunk and make your listening choice before putting the car in gear.
Drive According to Conditions
Rain, snow, high winds, even bright sunshine can all affect driving. Allow space between you and the nearest vehicle, slow down in congested areas and understand that another driver may be distracted—so drive defensively.
Don't Drink and Drive
Holiday cheer has no place behind the wheel. Drivers should keep the party off the road. Plan ahead and designate a sober driver, call a cab or use public transportation if you've been drinking alcohol.
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