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Vigil Held To Honor Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

LAWTON, Okla_It was a time of reflection, reverence and a search for hope Thursday night at Elmer Thomas Park.

Dozens of Lawton's own gathered at the park amidst the Christmas light displays to pay their respects and grieve with all those affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Volunteers and local church groups led the crowd in honoring the victims through a candlelight vigil with prayer, song, and moments of silence.

One by one the names of each of the 26 victims was read aloud.

Children hung ornaments in a garden representing the young lives that were lost on that tragic day.

Most of all, people stood side by side and grieved these terrible losses with one another.

"Coming together with other people, whether you know them or not provides comfort, it provides community. To show that we can all put something together and be something together, none of us have to go through this alone," said Everley Buhlig, a woman in attendance.

Children and parents in the crowd clung to one another, letting the warmth of their candles radiate through the cold night as they reflected on the tragedy at hand and how difficult it must be for these families during the holiday season.

Buhlig said, "I can't imagine what the families in Connecticut went through and are going through. Not that it's ever nice to lose someone and to lose someone so precious, but this time of year especially is so heart breaking."

Thursday night's vigil helped many start to find hope in a hopeless situation, and as local minister Harry Ross said, understand the importance of coming together in times of need.

"In a time of loss you don't want to pull away from other people, instead you want to find strength in people. So I think that we need to continue to show support to those people in Connecticut and even around here. We need to show support to one another because we are affected by it, even though it is far away, we still feel the hurt and loss, " said Ross.

Despite the frigid temperatures, the turn out was strong. Tears were streaming down lots of faces, but in spite of all the grief, that hope everyone was so desperately seeking was definitely felt in the crowd.

Organizers of the vigil were collecting cards, teddy bears and donations for the community of Newtown, Connecticut. All of those donations as well as a banner were sent to those affected later in the week.

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