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Gun sales up in Stephens County

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ Gun dealers across Stephens County say business is booming after the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Sam Siebert owns a gun shop in the town of Comanche and said in the past two weeks, customers have been pouring in. He said Christmas is always a busy time for gun sales, but this year is different. He said the threat to ban assault rifles after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting has more customers than ever coming in to buy guns.

One salesman said his sales are about 200% higher this month than they have been the last few months. Others said they're concerned about whether their right to buy guns will be taken away.

Sam Siebert said a steady stream of customers have been coming into his shop to buy guns.

"I wanted to get one while I could," said John Williams, a Stephens County Honor Guard member and gun owner. "As a matter of fact, I just wanted something to protect my home, my family, and my life. I didn't know if they were going to keep letting us buy them or not."

"The government is trying to take away our right to bear arms," customer Darin King said. "I can't blame everybody for being worried about that. If the law does go through, and they start going door to door taking people's guns, it's going to cause a mass riot everywhere. There's no reason for it. We'll have no way of defending ourselves against weapons."

Siebert said he and his business are in limbo. He said he's not sure if there will be stricter gun laws implemented, but he has some ideas.

"I imagine they're going to try to cut down on the capacity of handguns. In Massachusetts or in California, if you buy an AR, you only get a ten round magazine and an eight or ten pound trigger. Down in Oklahoma and other states it's different. You can get a large cap on the magazines."

Siebert said he's concerned about the effect tougher gun laws could have on his business. His customers are concerned about possible changes to their way of life.

"They have some warped belief that if they disarm us, then that will make us safer," Siebert said. "They believe we're better off if we don't have anything to help us defend ourselves. So, what is the message there? That they'll defend us? They can't defend us now."

Siebert said he is paying close attention to this debate. A few of his customers said that they believe that our economy could take a hit by putting more restrictions on the legal purchasing of guns, even forcing some to purchase them in the black market.


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