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Gun law debate resurfaces after Sandy Hook shooting

LAWTON Okla_ Lawton residents had mixed reactions to the president's plan for a new gun control law by the end of the year.

Whatever the outcome, most people agreed they don't think it will be enough to stop firearms from getting into the hands of the wrong people. Most citizens are concerned with whether President Obama's plan to create a new gun control law creates less terror scenes like Sandy Hook Elementary or the movie theater shooting in Colorado.

"I feel like what he's doing is pretty much what he has to do," said ban supporter TaSean Brown. "If there wasn't so much gun violence going on and people were able use guns in an appropriate space and time this wouldn't have to happen."

"I think that law-abiding citizens would be the ones penalized," Mitch Angie said in opposition of the ban. "I think those that tend to think in the wrong way, such as criminals, would find a way even illegally to get the weapons they want anyway."

Lawton Police Captain Craig Akard said he's not sure if a new gun law would prohibit the wrong person from getting a gun.

"If somebody wants to get a gun, there's always a way to get a gun. They may cost a lot more but, they can get it."

Akard said he believes there may not be a solution to curb the number of shootings.

"We can look back for many hundreds of years and sometimes legislation works, and sometimes it doesn't. There is no time whether it's going to help or if it's not going to help."

"I don't really know at this point," Angie said. "I'm just not in favor of stricter gun control."

"It's just like having a match," Brown said. "I light that match and take it and burn somebody's house down with it, or I take that match and keep a baby warm. I don't necessarily look at guns being a bad thing. I put it on the people who are using the guns."

All three men said they'd like to see more details on what the president's new gun control law will be. They said they are hoping it doesn't infringe too much on their second amendment rights to bear arms.



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