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A Duncan diner lends a helping hand to family in need

DUNCAN, OK._A Duncan woman suffering from terminal brain, lung and liver cancer is the recipient of an outpouring of love and financial help.

A small diner in Duncan is showing their compassionate side once again.

They are known for stepping to the plate when a community member is sick or injured...and now it is Amanda's turn.

It is a small but friendly place.

They serve up hot coffee and eggs to the locals...with a large dose of generosity.

Right now, they are filling a donation bucket for 28-year-old Amanda Alvardo .

She has stage four cancer, and doctors say there is not much more they can do for her.

Her grandmother, Anita Stephens, is a regular here.

She is grateful for the help, but not at all surprised that the folks at the day break diner are coming to the rescue, once again.

"Everybody pours their heart out in this community and this restaurant has been a hub to focus that for years. We've been coming here for 15 years...they care. The customers and the waitresses they...you've had a bad day, you get a hug," said Stephens.

Well, Amanda's family has had a bad year, to say the least.

Besides the emotional burden a terminal illness in the family can cause there is a financial burden, too.

Think prescription drugs, travel expenses to different hospitals across the state, and this time of year there is the cost of making Amanda's four children have a merry Christmas despite their mothers condition.

So Daybreak Owner Mary Allen played Santa.

"You know, our Christmas isn't going to be merry if theirs isn't," said Allen.

So presents were delivered to Amanda's four children.

"They gave us Christmas," said Mary Beck.

Mary Beck, Amanda's mother-in-,law washes dishes at the Daybreak Diner.

She says the donation jar is more than a kind gesture.

"We really couldn't afford to bury her. Neither could her grandmother or grandfather, and her father doesn't have a lot of money either," said Beck.

Unfortunately, in the state Amanda is in, financially prepping for her final days here is a real thought. But along with the hugs, kind words and donations, the day break diner offers something more...hope.

"If she lasts...if she can hang on for 6 months, maybe they can come up with something else that works better. Every day that she lasts longer is a day that they might possibly find what she needs," said Stephens.  

If you care to donate to Amanda and her family during this difficult time, you can drop money or toys off at the diner, at 116 south highway 81 or call Mary Allen at 580-252-4545.

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