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Motorcycle Accident Leaves Man In Hospital

LAWTON, Okla_A Lawton man was left in a local hospital after an inattentive driver caused him to wreck his motorcycle in northwest Lawton Saturday afternoon. It happened around 3:30 pm near 24th Street and Cache Road.

Lawton police said the driver of the motorcycle was traveling east bound on Cache Road.

They said another driver traveling northbound on 24th Street turned east onto Cache Road. That driver turned into the middle lane and cut the motorcycle driver off, causing him to lose control of his bike.

As Lawton Police and first responders cleaned up the scene of the accident, Chad Johnson tried to make sense of what he had just seen and how he had no power to stop it.

Johnson said he was headed east bound on Cache Road moments before the accident.

 "I could see it coming and I was like....oh please do not pull out in front of this guy but like I said it happened so quick there was not much I could do."

He said he cringed in his truck as he watched another car suddenly change lanes in front of the motorcycle.


"And he textbook laid it down but there was nothing he could do....he slammed into the back of the car," said Johnson.

He said after the crash, he jumped out of his truck and tried to help the injured driver.


Johnson explained, "I stopped in the middle of the traffic and stopped all of the traffic, he was actually trying to get up but several of us got to him about the same time and told him to lay down, and another gentlemen called 9-1-1."

Johnson said he felt this accident could and should have been avoided. He said it's a grim reminder of what can happen when drivers aren't paying attention to their surroundings.


Johnson said, "A lot of people don't realize that motorcycles ride on days like this, and we got to watch out for them just like motorcyclist watch out for us. Especially with all of the last minute distractions of last minute shopping, where we going next? Where are we going to eat?"


Lawton Police said the driver of the motorcycle suffered some bruises and abrasions.

Police are investigating the accident and said the driver could face charges.

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