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Car Stolen From Garage With Woman At Home

LAWTON, Okla_An elderly Lawton woman is without a car after someone stole it from her garage while she was at home. It happened just after 4 PM Friday in the 700 block of Northwest 40th Street.

Lawton Police said the homeowner was in her bedroom when the thief climbed in through her kitchen window and rummaged through her belongings. The thief then went into her garage and stole her car.

The homeowner told police she left her keys in the car.

The home owner also said she may have surprised the intruder during the burglary as she walked towards the kitchen after hearing a noise.

She said she feels incredibly lucky that the car was all that was taken.

According to police reports, another car was stolen from a garage just a few doors down from this one a few weeks ago.

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