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Tow companies busy after winter storm

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LAWTON Okla_ The roads have cleared up drastically over the last few hours, but early Wednesday, the snow and ice were giving drivers a run for their money.

Tow truck operators and Oklahoma State Troopers spent the afternoon locating abandoned vehicles to make sure there weren't any people in them and impounding them. Many crews and troopers are focusing on the roads outside of city limits that are less traveled.

Most back roads are posing the biggest problem. With less traffic, the snow and ice build up will stick around longer than a road that's frequented by drivers and road crews.

Just about a mile south of Coombs and Flowermound in Lawton tow truck operator William Whan could be spotted hooking up another tow truck.

"I was just coming down this way earlier to get somebody off the road down here, and I saw my buddy's truck. I just thought I'd pull it to his house for him."

Whan said this proves that every vehicle is fair game when it comes to snow drifts and black ice. Whan said his night had been long. He rescued 7 vehicles himself.

"I've been out since last night about 5:00, and I haven't been home since."

He said every snow storm is the same.

"They're sliding, driving off the side of the road, and driving down roads they shouldn't be on."

Oklahoma State Trooper Tyrone Dixon agreed. He has seen several abandoned vehicles.

"Tracks indicate to me that he was driving too fast, departed the road way to the right, went through a farmers fence, into a field, and apparently tried to leave," Dixon said. "We just received a report, so we're going to impound the vehicle until we have driver information on him."

Dixon said this scene is all too familiar. Drivers get stuck and leave their cars. This is a bad move, because your car's fate lies in the hands of the authorities or the property owner where you wound up.

"You are required by law to notify law enforcement in the event that you are involved in any type of motor vehicle collision," Dixon said, "Especially when there's property damage involved."

Dixon said the majority of these accidents could have been avoided, but drivers become over-confident.

"Motorists are refusing to slow down. They're driving at speeds as if the road ways weren't covered in ice and snow."

The roads cleared up tremendously by Wednesday, but authorities encourage drivers to pay close attention to less-frequented back roads and remember that anything that has melted and is now liquid, will surely freeze and make the roads dangerous again.



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