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Parking Lot Plower

Lawton, Okla_Christmas Day's snow may have been fun for some, but for a crew from a local landscaping company, it meant a lot of work.

Starting at 10 p.m. Tuesday night until Wednesday evening, 4-D Landscaping crews were plowing parking lots and sidewalks for businesses making them safe for customers and shop owners alike.

Branch manager, Ray Garcia, had some tips for handling icy driveways.

"The best thing to do is scrape it up and then put de-icer on it, and it should clear it up. It's best if they do something to it versus letting it pile up. Take your time, and just be careful where you're stepping. And don't walk at nighttime because you don't see the ice then," Garcia said.

Clearing each parking lot takes about an hour, and Garcia says they will continue working around the clock until all of their customers are happy and ice-free.

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