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New Trout Fishery Coming To Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK, Okla_When most think of winter, going fishing probably isn't the first activity that comes to mind, but the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is trying to change that.

Starting January 1st, Medicine Creek in Medicine Park will be stocked with 400 pounds of trout every two weeks. This new event will provide a new and unique opportunity to avid fishers in the area.

Trout fishing is something Oklahomans don't get to do a lot of. It is a cold water fish and is not native to the state, and those are a few of the reasons the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is excited about this new opportunity.

Medicine Park is a community rich with nature, culture and beautiful scenery. All things Fisheries Biologist, Ryan Ryswyk said makes it a great place for fisherman.

"There's not a whole lot of places that are just like this in Southwest Oklahoma, so it provides an opportunity for a unique experience, different from your typical pond or lake setting, " said Ryswyk, an employee of the State Department of Wildlife.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife designated part of Medicine Creek as an official trout fishing location due to its flowing waters and access to the Wichita Mountains, as well as the rows of shops and restaurants in town.

Ryswyk said, "We're really excited about it. You know we, we like to see people out fishing and enjoying fishing. And if we can give people another chance to do that at a time of year that maybe they wouldn't be, you know it's really good for us and we're really excited."

Trout aren't native to Oklahoma, so the fish will be brought in from Nebraska, and while they encourage everyone to get out and fish, there will be a six fish limit on the amount of fish that can be caught by each fisherman every day.

Ryswyk explained, "This way there's enough fish out there for every body to enjoy and you know if you catch six today you can come back tomorrow and catch six more."

He stressed trout fishing is for everyone, young and old, and this opportunity provides another great excuse to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Southwest Oklahoma. 

"It's very rewarding and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. You know trout fishing is great because you can sit on your lawn chair and use live bait and a bobber or you can get really fancy and put on your waders and fly fish," Ryswyk said.

Trout fishing season will last until March 15th, but Medicine Creek is open for fishing year round.

A state fishing license is required for fishing at Medicine Creek. For more information about the trout fishing log onto


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