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Man wanted for passing counterfeit bills in Lawton

Lawton, Ok_Continuing coverage on those counterfeit bills we told you about last Friday that have been circulating around town.   Lawton police have released the photo of a man who passed fake money at the Stripes on SE 45th and Lee.

He gave the clerk two  counterfeit bills, a $100 and a $50 dollar bill.  Police say you can avoid fake money by following  several steps.

On larger bills check the watermarks and make sure they match the face of the correct president.
Also, check that the lettering and face on the currency is raised.  When receiving multiple bills, look at the serial numbers on each bill and be on the look out for of any that match.

The color of the bill is also important, light green usually means it's fake. The lines on the bills should be straight. For additional help you can always go online; there are a number of web sites to help you determine if currency is counterfeit.

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