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Winter moisture impact on drought

Amarillo, Texas - With the ongoing drought continuing to affect our area, most of us were hoping this most recent round of moisture would help.

Our current moisture level is eight inches below where it should be, and Amarillo's clay soil isn't helping.

Areas in the southeast panhandle have what Ag Life tells us is sandy soil.

This type of soil absorbs water at a faster pace than clay soil.

Brandon Boughen from Ag Life took us outside to actually show the lack of impact of the recent snow.

He gathered soil from under two inches of melting snow, and it was bone dry.

Then, he dug up soil from a patch of where snow had recently melted and didn't find a drop of water either.

Brandon Boughen says, "it will add to our overall goal. We're certainly better off this year than we were last year. As far as making a significant difference, I don't see it happening."

Different types of snow can also have different impacts on the ongoing dry spell as well.

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