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Overnight shooting in Lawton sends a man to the hospital

 Lawton, Okla._ Police are investigating an overnight shooting that sent one man to the hospital.  Police say the victim, George Whitney Jr., was released from the hospital after he was shot once in his left wrist.

It happened a little after 1:15 Friday morning at some apartments near Northwest Hoover and 22nd Street. Whitney told police he was walking in the neighborhood when he was hit by a stray bullet from a group of individuals who were shooting at each other.

Police say they found several shell casings of different calibers at the scene and two vehicles riddled with bullets, but no shooters.

Walter Murphy was asleep in his bedroom when he was suddenly awakened by loud gunfire coming from outside.

"It was very close to where I was, so it scared me at first, but then I realized that the best thing for me to do was just call the Lawton police, and make sure I wasn't outside when all of this was going on," Murphy said.

So, he called them and the apartment's security office to tell them what he was hearing. Not too long after, the gunfire stopped. Murphy then went to his bedroom window and took a look outside .

"That's when I saw the two men running south from the property," he said.

He led Lawton police to the crime scene when they arrived, showing them the area where he heard the gunfire, and where they found several bullets.

"This lady's here's car was hit on the hood," he said.

A bullet entered the SUV. It is possibly still inside, but Murphy wasn't concerned about the cars.

"The thing that concerned me, there's children who live up here, you know. And a stray bullet can go through a child's bedroom window. Pretty soon, we've got a child that's no longer alive," he said.

Despite gunfire erupting outside of his home, Murphy says he has no intention of moving.

"I feel safe here. I talked to a lot of the residents today. They all feel safe here. It's just a rarity that we have this over here," he said.

Murphy says his neighborhood is a lot safer than it used to be thanks to Lawton's police gang unit, but there's still progress to be made. 


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