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Teens in action

A local program helping guide dozens of area teens has doubled in size.

Confidence, stability and organization are some of the things kids are learning about in Camp Fire's Teens in Action program.

The Coordinator, Craig Fulton Jr., tells us about one of the teenagers participating. Fulton says, "His living situation, you know he's bouncing around from house to house. His stability as far as living wise, isn't there. You know, I mean, clothing wise. It's a guy, but sometimes you might see him with female clothes on, you know, like jeans and things like that. And that's where the bullying comes in effect, and we try to tame that because other kids will see it and pick on him, you know. "

So the program also teaches about the effects and ways to deal with bullying. About 60 teens are currently registered in this program. Camp Fire only had about half last year.

Executive Director Michelle Flatt says, "We're just offering opportunities for teens to serve their community and provide leadership, and things of that nature. And at the same time provide them a safe place to be in the afternoon. And just give them opportunity to grow as people." Fulton says, "We're pretty much just getting them ready for the real world. A lot of them start now learning how to get jobs, money management. Our financial literacy is a big thing in our program."

The coordinator says many teens have single moms and are coming from low income areas. Fulton says, "We don't want them to feel like they have to get accustom to the areas that they live in. We want them to know that. We want them to know that there's more outside of the area that they're accustom to. We're just trying to broaden their horizons, and get their inner sparks as Camp Fire is. What is it that they want to do in life. And then we just try to reach that goal and help them pursue their dreams."

Camp Fire plans to offer their free services to even more teens from across the panhandle in a near future.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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