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Walters Works To Find Solution To Water Intake Problem

WALTERS, Okla_The city of Walters suffered some big water woes Sunday, and the problem only seems to be continuing. A massive silt build up has the town's water intake system at Dave Boyer Lake at a stand still. Due to the build up, the water is no longer flowing into the pipeline from the lake to the treatment plant.

Walters City Manager John Sheppard admitted the situation is a tricky one, but he urged people not to panic. There is plenty of water in the lake, the issue is trying to figure out a way to get it out of the lake and into people's homes.

Early Sunday Morning is when the problem came to a head.

Sheppard said, "The intake pump stopped taking water because apparently we were pulling from a trench on the intake structure out there and it caved in and it just mudded over."

Dave Boyer Lake is an old lake, and that's the reason for the large silt build up. Initially, it seemed any crisis would be averted by just switching over to their back up plan and using water from Waurika Lake, but there was a hiccup.

Sheppard explained, "Waurika has discovered that they've got a leak on the main line running to Lawton and they're gonna have to take the line out of service to repair it. So we'll need to be back on our lake water for a few days til they get that repaired."

After some quick thinking and ingenuity, the engineering team came up with a temporary solution.


"We've gone down here and dug a hole so we can bring lake water in, we're setting up an emergency pump and we're putting in a pipe right now to bring that back into the plant, " said Sheppard.

Sheppard has never dealt with something like this in his ten years as city manager. He was optimistic about the temporary fix, and while he admitted it is an emergency, he stressed there is no reason to panic.


Sheppard said, "We have plenty of water supply, we still have plenty of water supply and we're gonna have plenty of water supply."

Sheppard said rumors of the water supply being turned off or rationing it are not true. However, Walters does remain in the second phase of their water conservation plan. It limits residents to watering outside one day a week.

The Waurika pipeline will undergo repair sometime next week. That repair could take anywhere from a couple hours to several days, so Sheppard and his team are prepared to be ready to roll with their temporary plan as soon as possible.

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