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Two-way radios permitted under new cell phone ban

Starting next week, drivers in Amarillo could be issued a warning if caught using a hand held cell phone while driving.

However, NewsChannel 10 received a few calls questioning on whether the use of handheld two-way radios will be permitted under the new ban.  NewsChannel 10 doubled checked with city officials and they said the ban is exactly what it says: a ban on "cell phones". That means truck drivers, construction companies, emergency responders and other drivers who use two-way radios will still be allowed to use those devices.

However, the city still discourages against using any device that could cause distracted driving.

"Technically they are permitted but we are still cautioning against the dangers of distracted driving," said City of Amarillo Community Relations Coordinator Sonja Gross. "So we still encourage you to wait until you can pull over, get your car packed and make your communications safely."

That ban will become effective Thursday, January 3, 2013. While you could get a warning for not abiding by the ban, Amarillo police won't start issuing citations until February 2, 2013. At that time, violators could face a fine of up to $200.

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