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Cotton County Sheriff retires

Cotton County_Friends and family gathered at the Cotton County Court House Friday afternoon to send off their sheriff in style.

Paul Jeffrey is retiring after 3 consecutive terms as sheriff of the county.

When asked what he was most proud of over the past 12 years he said it was cracking down on the meth problem in the county.

Friday's ceremony was heartfelt and touching and in Jeffrey's true style, filled with jokes and laughter.


"I'm ready to retire, I'm glad that I did run for Sheriff and was in for 3 terms, but I am ready to get out and let somebody take over for a while. I got a lot of stuff to do and I need to do some of it before everything we try to do is wheelchair accessible," Jeffrey said.


Kent Simpson is the incoming sheriff. Jeffrey thinks he's a great man for the job and wishes him the best.

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