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Early Morning Fire Destroys House In East Lawton

LAWTON, Okla_A massive fire broke out early Sunday morning, completely destroying a house and killing one dog. The family of three that lived in the home was on vacation at the time, but are now safe in a hotel in town.

Luckily, the smell of smoke alerted one neighbor who was able to act fast and call 911.

Basil Scott had just laid down for the night when he thought he smelled a candle burning, but soon realized he was dealing with a much bigger flame.

Scott explained, "Something was on fire, I didn't know what, I just kept screaming at her call 9-1-1! Tell them to come up here on Dover Drive! There's a fire"

Calling 911 at 4 AM is not something anyone is prepared to do, but after a late night of playing pool, Scott felt lucky that he just happened to be up to smell the smoke.


"I walked out and I seen all this smoke in my garage, you know halfway up the wall coming in and I went 'ahhh' so I'm looking around seeing if I can see any fire, and I went out and opened up the door and I screamed to my wife 'Just call 911!' Because soon as I opened up that door all the smoke come right into my garage, " said Scott.

He came around the corner and saw the flames burning hot and blowing in the wind. Knowing the owners were out of town he sprang into action warning the other neighbors.


Scott said, "I wanted to get them out of the house, so I beat on their door and opened it and screamed at them and of course they all came back out."

It took five engines to put out the fire. Scott said it's a night he'll never forget.


"We'll pull together, they'll be alright. They've got friends right around here. We shuffle kids and do whatever we gotta do to help em out."

The cause of the fire is still unknown.


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