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Comanche Co. 911 tax remains in effect

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Comanche County residents will continue to pay a 3% tax for their 911 services.

Monday, the Comanche County Commissioners voted to keep the tax going for another three years. Eastern District Commissioner Gail Turner says it costs the county a little over $440,000 per year to keep the service going.

He said last year, the 3% tax generated over $80,000 to help offset the cost. He said the tax is a necessity.

"911 costs ‘X' amount of dollars," Turner said. "So, whatever money isn't generated by this tariff has to be put up by the county general fund to offset the cost of running 911 for the safety of the people."

Turner said the tax is based on resident's landlines, and there is a 50 cent monthly tax on cell phones, as well. He said that's needed because landline usage has decreased over the years. Many residents rely primarily on cell phones.

The county pays 20% of the portion to keep the 911 service going. The City of Lawton pays 80%.

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