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Cost of raising a child in 2013

Amarillo, Texas - Having a child in the new year will cost you more than last year.

If you're expecting a baby in 2013, you'd better start saving.

It will cost you an average of 3 and a half percent more than last year.

A survey says more than half of expectant parents feel financially prepared for having a baby.

But after the baby comes, many admit they weren't as prepared as they thought.

Raising a baby in 2013 is estimated to cost over 250 thousand dollars, without including college.

A study says the biggest expense new parents will face is child care, averaging about 12 thousand dollars a year.

Plus 50 dollars per week for diapers, formula, and baby food, not including the cost of clothes, toys, and trips to the doctor.

And even before leaving the hospital, the new addition will cost you.

For a normal delivery, doctor fees and hospital charges are estimated near 6 thousand dollars.

And this doesn't include prenatal doctor's visits and ultrasounds.

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