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Family's Home Burglarized After Massive Fire

LAWTON, Okla_A family lost their home in a massive fire early Sunday morning on Lawton's east side. Their house was declared a total loss, but there were a few items that could be salvaged. To make matters worse, just days later, thieves trespassed into the house and stole everything that was left, including their seven-year-old son's four-wheeler he built with his dad.

John and Tasha Hogan were out of town with their son for less than 24 hours when they heard their house was on fire. When they discovered the only salvageable items left in their house were taken, it was like pouring salt in a wound.

The Hogans opted to leave their son with his grandparents when they made the difficult trip back to their burned down house. They were meeting with the Red Cross when Tasha Hogan noticed some things were missing, and that is when their worst nightmare came true.

"The first thing out of her mouth was the four-wheeler was gone," John said.

The four-wheeler belonged to their son, and it was the only thing he asked his parents about when they told him about the fire.

"It's something that me and him put together and it's like, you know, growing up my dad made me learn how to do car stuff, so I wanted to teach him how to do something. And so it does mean a lot, " said Hogan.

John Hogan struggles with the fact that the only reason he had not gotten the four-wheeler out earlier is because he was told he could not remove anything from the house until the investigation was complete.

"If I was able to go in there I could've taken my stuff out, that stuff that was salvageable. We could've took it out, put in a storage unit or something like that, and the four-wheeler would've been the first thing I took," John explained.

The Hogans have not told their son about his four-wheeler. It's another monumental task to add to the already overwhelming list they've got.

"I mean for people to come into your garage when you don't have anything left , and there's only a few things that you do have to try to salvage and for them to take it, I just think that's 'scum of the earth' type things," Hogan said.

Staying in a hotel and slowly shopping for the basics, John and his wife feel deep gratitude for all those who have helped them, and at the end of the day, they just want to make this as easy as possible on their son.

"We have zero. I mean...I'm not looking for clothes for myself or nothing like that, as long as my son's taken care of, that's it."

In addition to the four-wheeler, a tool box, power tools, golf clubs and the keys to one of their vehicles was also taken.

The fire is still under investigation. Police have no leads or suspects, so if you have any tips regarding this crime please contact Crime Stoppers at 580-355-INFO.

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