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Police begin cell phone ordinance enforcement

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo police officers have started issuing warning citations to drivers caught on their cell phone while behind the wheel.

Police are going to be searching for drivers who have their cell phones in their hands and not using them hands-free. They're not only looking to see an actual phone in your hand, but the other signs that you are on a phone texting or doing anything else on it. Officers we were with today say those signs can be easy to spot. Having your head down is a good indication of that they say.

"We've all seen it as we pull up beside someone at a red light, or even as people pull up beside us while we're moving. So, the officers will be in the same situation to observe that as it happens," Sgt. Brent Barbee, Amarillo Police Department says.

The ordinance only allows hands-free use while out on the road. That does not include being stopped at a traffic signal. You must be off any roadway and the car needs to be in park.

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