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Cell phone ban technology

Amarillo, Texas - If there's a call you can't miss when you're behind the wheel, there are legal and affordable ways to answer.

There are also bluetooth sets at several local stores for as low as 20 dollars.

But these days, a bluetooth isn't you're only option.

Manuel Garza of Clear Talk Wireless demonstrates, "Skyvi send text to Laura Black. Laura, come have lunch with me today."

Skyvi is a free app on android phones allowing you to text by talking.

iPhone has a similar app called iris.

"Laura come have lunch with me today. To Laura Black, sending message."

And if you have a couple hundred dollars to spare, a local auto accessories store can install a device in your car allowing talking on your phone to be similar and as simple as adjusting your car radio.

Stacy Robertson of Tunes & Tint says, if someone calls, you're able to answer the phone while you're driving. And then it will mute the speakers in your car or the radio. You'll hear them talking over the speakers in your car. And then as you talk to them, they'll hear you. When the conversation's done, it will turn the radio back on to where you had it before."

Installing this device may not be as time consuming as some would think.

It only takes 2 to 3 hours.

Robertson tells us they've sold nearly two hundred of these parrots and after market radio devices in less than two months.

She says, "the display will mount on the dash. It will still load your contacts. It has a microphone. And it most vehicles it will still mute the radio."

There are also speakers to put in your car that can be attached to your phone.

As well as headphones with small voice speakers on the chord, allowing you to remain completely hands free.


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