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Faithful Fans Cheer on Sooners in the Cotton Bowl

LAWTON, Okla_Hundreds of fans poured out in support of the Oklahoma Sooners Friday night. They were playing in their final game of the season against the Texas A&M Aggies.

The Cotton Bowl was played in Arlington, Texas, and even though they could not make it across the river to the game, some of the most faithful fans cheered on their team at home in Lawton.

A watch party was held at Mike's Sports Grille in Lawton where owner Mike Underwood expected upwards of 300 people for the game. Every room was packed, and the staff had  trouble figuring out were to put everyone.

The fans are notoriously wild, but the mood Friday night was more light-hearted than tense. The Sooner fans chanted "Boomer! Sooner!" while the Aggies in the crowd gave their best "Gig 'em!"

The crowd at Mike's Sports Grille was rowdy and ready for a good game. The OU fans were cocky. "OU's gonna win of course. Boomer Sooner all the way! We're number one, " said fan, Debbie Coffey.

And those Texas A&M Aggies weren't short on the confidence either. "I'm pretty excited to see so many Sooners lose at once, " said A&M fan, Stephen Redmon.

The OU fans were the ones that turned out in masses, but after taking the early lead, it was those few, brave A&M fans that seemed to be the most vocal. Despite the early lead, there was one smart Aggie in the crowd.

"Ahh it's still early, OU's a good team, so we'll see. There's a lot of time left, " said Aggie, Jason Ramirez.

The early score didn't shake the confidence of the faithful Sooners in the crowd, and neither did that Heisman winning quarterback. "Johnny Football. We're gonna sack him and put him in his place, " said Debbie Coffey, "at the end of the game his name is gonna be 'Johnny Sooner.'"

And as one life-long OU fan said, you can't keep a good Sooner fan down. "We got somethin' for 'em for the rest of the game. I predict the Sooners will win 42-17."

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