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Lawton Woman Attacked by Man with a Box Cutter

Lawton Woman Attacked by Man with a Box Cutter

Lawton, OKLa._A Lawton woman was forced to fight for her life after she claims a man attacked her with a box knife. Patricia Hodges said she was attacked while walking home from the Country Mart at 9th and Gore around 8:30 Saturday night. She said she decided to take a short cut across the train tracks, and a black male came up behind her, hit her over the head and then forced himself on top of her wielding a box cutter.

Hodges said those twenty minutes of terror she suffered during the attack are moments she is desperately trying to forget. She said she still remembers what she was thinking after the first blow to her head.

"The only thing I thought was, you know, if he's going to kill me then at least I am going to put up a fight. You know, that's the only thing I thought. I am not going to just sit there, lay there and let him do it. I am going to fight", said Hodges.

She said she managed to turn around and face her attacker, who was armed with a box cutter. She was afraid of what she was after.

"He kept telling me, you know, just lay there and do what I say", said Hodges.

Realizing that this was a life or death situation, Hodges said she continued to fight back, refusing to give in to her attacker.

"My natural instinct at that point. So, he pulled out the razor, box knife and just started cutting. He cut my clothes off, from my shirt here, and then my pants. I think the more I fought him the more mad he got because he couldn't get what he wanted. So, he just kept cutting", she said.

She said twenty minutes later, the screeching sound of a nearby car scared her attacker away. Once the shock of what just happened wore off, she says immediately headed for safety.

"I laid there it seemed like forever, before I could get the strength, get my clothes and try to stumble the couple blocks home", she Hodges.

Hodges said  her wounds are a grim reminder of what she fought to overcome last night: a strange man, a box cutter and possibly death.

"It's horrible, your whole life flashes before your eyes...I don't's just horrible."

Hodges suffered extremely-long cuts that range from the top of her shoulder to her lower hip area. She also sustained defensive-wound cuts to her hands and forearms. She said although she knows her wounds will heal, her sense of safety has been shattered.

Lawton Police are investigating the attack. Hodges described her attacker as a black male who stands about six-foot-two inches tall.  


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