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Local activist plans concert for peace

LAWTON Okla_ A Lawton community activist is working to put a stop to the cycle of violence that's plaguing the city.

He's planning an event to raise awareness about it. Tony Que is one of the organizers of the "Stop the Violence Unity Concert". This event will be held at McMahon Auditorium on January 25th, at 7:00 pm. He said patrons will enjoy performances from a diverse group of artists who will use their voices to spread a message of hope and solidarity.

Que is a man who likes to stay in the background, but his efforts to stop the violence in Lawton have recently been at the forefront of the community. He said the upcoming concert is a good way for Lawton residents to unwind in a safe environment.

"After all the prayer, after all the walking, I feel like the community needs a night to just laugh, a night to just pray, a night to just enjoy music," Que said.

He said patrons will be treated to a diverse group of artists whose talents will appeal to Lawton's even more diverse community.

"Sister Cantaloupe is a world-renowned gospel comedian," Que said. "She's been on BET many times. We have two groups: The Bolton Brothers and Lee Williams. Then, we have some of the most awesome local talent there is."

He said he chose a concert because music has the power to cross cultural lines, and he believes the same is true for crime in the Lawton community.

"Crime in Lawton is not set to just one color," Que said." It's a mixture of everybody, and all families are hurting."

Que said it's important to continue to create a strong bond between the community, the police and the churches.

"We can combat crime first by the churches coming together. They have contact with most of the people in the community. If the churches come together, we can start bridging that divide, each church reaching one. Each one reaches one. That's what it's all about."

He said he wants this concert to be an event everyone, especially Lawton's youth, will always remember; a night where everyone can come together to enjoy some good music, lots of laughs and the spirit of a community that cares.

"I want them to walk away knowing that they're loved," Que said. "I want them to know the officials in the city care about them. I want them to walk away knowing if they know who's committing these murders in town, they don't need to be afraid to talk and tell who it is. Most of all, just to laugh, laugh, laugh."

Tickets to the January 25th show are available at the McMahon Auditorium. They're $10 in advance and $15 on the night of the concert.

Que said the money will go towards an upcoming "Teen Coalition" project for Lawton.

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