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Potential smoking ban impact on Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas - With another attempt in the works to ban smoking statewide in bars and restaurants, we went to a few local places who have already restricted smoking.

Some Amarillo restaurant goers are glad to be able to breath a little easier while eating their meal.

An Amarillo steakhouse has been smoke free since April of 2011 and they tell us their sales trend has continued to go up since the ban was enforced.

Another local bar and grill has banned smoking since December first of last year, and say business is up from before they were smoke free.

Both places say they've seen new faces of people who refused to come in before the ban.

Angela Corpening of Golden Light says, "we started it in may and I think it's done nothing but help our business. We're a family restaurant and I wanted families to feel comfortable to bring their kids and stuff in here. So I think it's done nothing but help."

She says the bar portion plans to go smoke free in April of this year.

But there will be a screened in area with heaters, and speakers will be wired so that people taking a smoke break will be able to enjoy the band as well.

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