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Altus AFB assisting deploying Fort Sill troops

ALTUS, Okla_ Troops from Altus Air Force Base are making sure the Fort Sill troops deploying to Turkey get there safely.

The Sill troops will provide support for patriot missiles based there. It's an effort to shore up their defenses in case the ongoing civil war in Syria leads to attacks on Turkey.

Since late last week, Altus Air Force Base has been busy serving as a hub, transporting the troops and missiles to Turkey. About 400 soldiers unloaded a bus and boarded a C-17 Globemaster 3 at Altus Air Force Base. The plane is destined for a non-stop flight to Turkey.

For Fort Sill Specialist Bryant Burn-Martin, leaving from Altus AFB was a surprise.

"I didn't expect us to fly out of Altus; I thought it was going to be out of Fort Sill, but there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that I don't know."

The troops will be joined by dozens of patriot missile batteries to augment Turkey's defense capabilities.

"The stuff I have seen like the load plans, the vehicles, and getting ready have gone fairly smoothly," Burn-Martin said.

Altus AFB officials say they had 9 missions in connection with the Turkey flights, and they've completed all of them.

Other bases from around the country will complete 12 others.


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