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Oklahoma's Health Rating Has Improved

LAWTON, Okla._

A new report found Oklahoman's had slightly improved when it came to their health and wellness, but still had a long way to go.

Oklahoma ranked 43rd in the nation; that is up from 49th from 2009.

Doctors said, still in the bottom ten, there was a lot of work or working left to do.

Colorado is the skinniest state.

Mississippi landed at the other end of the spectrum, ranking highest in obesity.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma is not far behind, especially, when it comes to smoking statistics…we are in the bottom ten.

"Smoking is related to almost every type of poor health statistic," said Dr. Edward Legako of Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

Oklahoma's overall health rating had improved, but it's not enough.

Dr. Edward Legako said individually Oklahomans need to get a handle on their personal health habits.

"Health is this big piece of pie and 50% of that piece of pie,  your health, is your health behaviors," said Legako. 

He said that meant taking a hard look at your lifestyle.

"What we eat, how much we eat, what we drink, it means also how much we sleep, how much we exercise and probably the number one reversible thing, is if we smoke," said Legako.

Dr. Legako says only ten percent of that overall health pie has to do with seeing your doctor regularly.

But he said that one's next check-up should be canceled.

"We know that people who have a regular doctor and who go to the doctor, they are generally healthier so in that 10% we would advise people...get yourself a regular doctor, go into the doctor at least once a year, have a check up and go over things that you can do," said Legako.

Obesity was another major problem here in Oklahoma... particularly for smaller towns.

"We found that in the smaller communities that we checked...are their obesity rates lower because they have less fast food? The answer is no," said Legako.

Legako said we should fight back against our unhealthy state, starting with our kids.

He recommends parents follow the 5-2-1-0 rule.

"That means five offerings of fruit and vegetable a day, two hours or less of screen time, that means in front of the TV, in front of the computer, video games, less than two hours a day. One hour of exercise and zero or very limited sugar drinks, whether that's juice or whether that's sodas," said Legako.

Dr. Legako said making healthy lifestyle choices is the perfect New Year's resolution.

Dr. Legako says if quitting smoking was something you resolved to do in 2013 call the Oklahoma Tobacco Help line at 1-800-quit-now for support or advice.

He said it is a great resource, that was totally free.

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