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DEVELOPING: Lawton Police Not Ruling Out Suspects In Murder Case

LAWTON Okla_  Two days after a Lawton woman was found shot and killed in her own home, police have not released the crime scene or identified a suspect or a motive.

48 hours after 35-year old Sarah McCoy was found shot and dead in her northwest home, a stack of court documents reveal Sarah and her husband had recently filed for divorce. Phillip McCoy was no stranger to the law.

Police said they have talked to Phillip, who recently violated an emergency protective order Sarah filed against him in December. Despite that information, police said no one in their investigation, including Phillip, has been ruled out as a suspect in their investigation.

As for the crime scene, police said they're preserving the area until Sarah's family members and friends are able to walk through with detectives to determine if anything looks out of place or may be missing. While the motive is unknown, police have revealed that Sarah was a primary witness to a federal firearms charge against her husband.

No one person has been ruled a suspect or primary suspect including Sarah's soon-to-be ex-husband.

"Anybody close, we are going to talk with them," Lawton Police Captain Craig Akard said, "Not because they are a suspect, but because we need information. They may possibly know about where she was, who she was with, or where she was going."

While police have made no arrests in this case or identified any suspects, these court documents show that Sarah and her husband had recently filed for divorce and had a volatile relationship. Inside these documents, a police report states Phillip had once kidnapped his wife from her home, tied her up, and even pointed a gun at her head and threatened to kill her.

"There have been a few calls out at their house in the last number of years," Akard said.

Sarah's car was found in its original condition. Police said they have not determined who stole it or why.

"It's purely speculation," Akard said, "But maybe the weather was getting bad. Maybe after it happened, someone took the car and just had a few blocks to go. Right now, we have no idea who took the car."

Police said since our story first aired, they have received several calls that may help police determine what happened the day McCoy was killed. Police said they are still trying to narrow down a time line for the day Sarah was killed. Despite recent calls, they hope more will continue to come in. They are asking if you had any contact with her the day she died to call police or send your information to the Lawton Crimestoppers program.

If you know anything about the case, call crime stoppers at 580-355-info or the Lawton police department at 580-581-3240.

You can remain anonymous.

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