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Cameron University Family Fun Day


Saturday, Cameron University students put their studies aside and focused on a day of fun and games.

Cameron University hosted it's first ever Family Fun Day.

Students and their families made their way to the Cameron Recreation Center and took part in fitness lessons, games and even had some healthy snacks.

The focus of the new event is to get students with children more involved and let them know that their loved ones also have a place in the Aggie family. 

We know that going to college is tough, as it is.

Add a family to the mix and you have a full schedule and a load of stress.

Cameron University student Kita Blue knows all about the duel roles of mother and student.

"I have three boys and three girls," said Blue.

Her children range from age five to 13.

She said juggling a family and a full course load in business can be exhausting.

"It's crazy, my day starts early and it ends late. I get the kids off to school, have a little time to myself, I get myself to my classes and I even work in the evenings," said Blue.

Blue said despite the endless work load, giving up on her dream of furthering her education as a mother was not an option.

She said she thought it was financially impossible but Cameron University made it a reality.

"I always wanted to go back to school and I just thought oh I won't be able to afford it, but coming here to Cameron just changed that. It's so inexpensive and all they help I've gotten has been great," said Blue.

Cameron University program director Lavonne Bynum said Cameron has made dreams come true for students like Blue.

Bynum said it is through events like Saturday's that students with families can make sure their kids are right along  beside them as moms or dads further their  college career.

"It can be an everyday struggle from how to juggle class times and day care or after school care. A connection to resources like child care, being able to come to study to do research with your children there with you," said Bynum.

Bynum was once a mother and student herself.

Says she knows the hardships of juggling school and family all too well, and she wants to make sure to make earning a degree an enjoyable experience for all students regardless of age or family life.

"I had to learn how to study again. I hadn't been in 20 something years, I did not know how to do the everyday academic studying, preparing for a test, research and whatnot and it was different. So were hoping to make this connection with students. Single parents, married parents, we have a large population of parents who are also veterans or soldiers or spouses of veterans," said Bynum.

Blue says she has no regrets about going back to school and that Cameron University made that possible.

"You have counselors you can talk to and then I have friends who were already going to school, they eased my mind. So anybody I know that even thinks about it. I'm there. I'm like all over it, if you need me to come with you, I'll help you with financial aid, just to help them out because it's not as bad as you really think it is," said Blue.

Plus, Blue said she knew she would be setting a great example to her six kids.

Saturday's event was such a success, Cameron plans on hosting Family Fun Days once a month.


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