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Possible burglary averted

Lawton, Okla._Police officers swarmed a Lawton neighborhood Monday afternoon after a watchful neighbor called in what looked to be a burglary in progress.

Police say the caller, Kathryn Friedl, who happens to be a member of the Lawton Crimestoppers Board, told them she had gone home for lunch when she saw something suspicious near 13th and Ferris.

"Well he had jumped the fence then left and came back and jumped the fence again and that's when I noticed him getting into the storage shed in their backyard and that's when I called police," Friedl said.

Police nabbed the suspect, who was walking quickly down the street. Police say he had a backpack filled with power tools and electrical wire that he claimed belonged to a friend of his.

However, despite the discovery, police let him go after a homeowner wasn't able to positively identify the suspected stolen property.

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