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One year-old going through rehab

A Texas center with patients from Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico is raising funds this week to continue helping families.

Leverett Windham is a one year-old boy whose been going to the WT Rehab Center in Abilene for speech and physical therapy. There are hundreds like him receiving care and treatment everyday at the facility.

Leverett's mom, Whitney Windham, says he was diagnosed with infantile spasms right before turning 6 months old. She says, "He used to flail his arms up. And his head would go down. And his eyes would be fixed. And he would do one after another for about a minute."

Whitney says he continued having neurological side effects of the spasms even after diagnosis. She says, "I just noticed that he wasn't progressing. He was staying where he was basically when he was diagnosed. He didn't progress much after he was diagnosed."

But now, after a few months of therapy, Whitney says he's not having anymore spasms. Also, he went from not eating solid foods and not transitioning off of breast milk, to feeding himself a variety of foods with different textures and tastes. His physical and speech difficulties have also been improving.

She says, "His physical motor skills changed dramatically. He went from just being able to sit, and that's all he could do, to crawling and walking. I think within 3 to 4 months." His speech pathologist at the center Carol Lester says, "He's still pretty far behind with his language. And that's what he's saying and what he's understanding. But he is starting now to make some sounds. And starting to babble."

Whitney says it's been a blessing to see him getting better. She says, "To watch him grow and change so quickly, we think therapy has been a God-send really. And an answer to prayer... It teaches you to be thankful. And my husband and like our life, I think it has strengthened our faith. It has grown. And we've been able to see the community that is around you and that supports you." Lester says, "It's very important for kids to come and if they are having difficulties because then we can help them and guide the parents."

If you want to help children like Leverett, and even adults who are going through rehab, you have the chance to do so this week in different ways.

There will be a Telethon sharing more stories of WT Rehab Center patients this Saturday. Money will be raised from 7pm to midnight. Entertainment will be provided by Jana Kramer and Aaron Watson.

There will also be an online auction of merchandise and services. You can either be a sponsor, donor, or buyer.

If you're interested, go to The goal is to raise a million dollars for Rehab 2013.


Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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