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Vandals place racial slur on school marquee

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ A racial message targeting black girls and boys was recently spelled out on the outdoor marquee of Central High in Stephens County. Now, school officials are trying to figure out who did it and why.

Even though there is a "B" missing from the first word, and the last words aren't spelled out, you can imagine what it intends to say. Even though the message is gone now, it has spread through social media. So, the town is defending its reputation.

Central High Superintendent Benni Newton said school staff saw the message and immediately took it down. He said nothing has been posted since, and they are in the process of securing the marquee. This way, nothing like this is likely to happen again.

7News Reporter Jonathan Rozelle printed out a picture of the message, took it back to the neighborhood near Central High, and got local reaction.

Darrel Blaine is a pastor at a church across the street from the school. He said the message should have never been posted.

"God made us," Blaine said. "We're made in his image. So, to put ‘dumb black girls and boys' on the local marquee of Central High School, I don't like to see that."

David Ussery agrees. His grandson attends Central High, and he said he hadn't heard anything about the message on the marquee at first.

"I think they ought to find out who did and punish them," Ussery said, "Because there is no sense in that. It's a school like any other school, and anybody's welcome."

Tina Culp's two young kids attend the school, too. She doesn't think the message was done by kids at the school, and posted a comment on Facebook after seeing the photograph online. It reads "Could have been put up by kids from another school because it if was my kids would not be going there."

"I just think it's ridiculous," Culp said. "We're not racist here. This is the biggest thing that gets me. We are not a racist town."

She has a message of her own for those responsible.

"This is not how we are here," Culp said, "And we won't tolerate it. We are not racist, and we support whoever wants to come to this school or community."

Superintendent Newton wasn't available to talk but did issue this statement:

"Central High School cherishes the opportunity to educate every student who walks our hallways, regardless of age, gender or race."

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