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Cameron University President Set to Retire at the End of School Year

LAWTON, Okla_After what will be eleven years of service to Cameron University, President Cindy Ross announced earlier this week she will retire.

While acting as president, Doctor Ross has fortified the financial strength and overall reputation of Cameron University. She gives praise to her staff and the generous community surrounding the school, but ultimately believes it is the right time for she and Cameron to go their separate ways.

Just by talking with her it is easy to see Cindy Ross has a deep love for Cameron University, and a passion for her role as president. It is hard to understand why she would ever want to walk away from a job that seems such a big part of her life, but Ross said, it is time to pass the torch.

"I remember being terrified. I remember driving by after a week of being president and looking at the university and saying to myself at least it's still here, " Ross said.

It is hard to imagine Cindy Ross ever feeling that way after having such a successful tenure at Cameron,  but reflecting on her first days at the school she said that is the most vivid memory that comes to mind.

Now, after over a decade of service she has almost single handedly changed the face of the school. Raising funds, building facilities and boosting the university's overall reputation nationwide, but she insists the credit is not all hers. 

"I don't have any accomplishments. I think Cameron has some accomplishments that I'm very, very proud of. Certainly the quality of the education that our students receive is first and foremost, " said Ross.

She said the decision to retire has been a very difficult one. It is no secret she worked tireless hours to make a difference in the school. Ross said it is the people and the welcoming community she will truly miss.

"I love Cameron University, " said Ross, "It's part of who I am. So it will be bittersweet. But I will continue to be a part of this university. I will continue to be a cheerleader. I will continue to be a financial supporter."

The next six months will be busy. She looks forward to events like the dedication of the new softball facility, and taking the opportunity to thank the many people who helped make her presidency special.

When the time comes to turn over her responsibilities, she does hope to leave a legacy.

"That I was a good steward of Cameron University in the temporary time it was in my care."

Ross plans to move closer to the Oklahoma City area. She plans to be an active volunteer, but first and foremost, she looks forward to spending time with her granddaughter.

She knows it will be hard to distance herself from the school she loves so much, but she is confident everything will be just fine. 

"Cameron will continue on its current path, and it will go to new heights. Continue to serve students, to provide quality education, to be an integral part of the community. The future's very bright. The best is yet to come for Cameron University."

Ross was adamant about saying she is not taking these last six months any easier than she has the previous ten years. She looks forward to maintaining a presence on campus, and plans to work not only until the final day, but the final minute of her presidency.

The hiring of the next president of Cameron will be the decision of the Board of Regents, which is the same board that governs both the University of Oklahoma and Rogers State University. Ross said she has every confidence the board will make an excellent decision for her replacement.


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