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Handgun Instructor Catering to Women

LAWTON, Okla_Governor Mary Fallin is doing it. So are thousands of other women nationwide. Concealed handgun licenses are the hottest accessory this season. 

Last year, a record 40,000 Oklahomans got their concealed carry licenses, and now, in light of several public shootings and the current administration's stance on gun control, state and local authorities are watching people continue to flood in, and women are definitely contributing to the trend.

Brad Caudill of Slickhills Firearms said he's been a busy man the past couple of months. Business always picks up when gun control is in the media spotlight, but he says the recent shootings that have rocked the nation are what he thinks is driving lots of women to learn how to defend themselves.

"There's a lot more women interested. They're coming to the realization that a criminal will always find some way of means of controlling the situation. And the firearm will grant them the ability to hopefully survive the ordeal, " said Caudill.

He's had groups of nurses, military wives and women of all kinds show up for his Saturday morning classes.

"I do offer total women's classes, " said Caudill,  "A lot of women feel that they don't want to have the pressure of a bunch of guys and the egos here and they can kind of be calmer. I try to maintain a real calm environment here."

In fact, he said women are better learners and more teachable when it comes to shooting.

Caudill said the most important thing about shooting a gun is being comfortable with the firearm and respecting its power.

"If they have access to firearms and there's firearms in the house they should be trained to know how to use them, know how to carry them. Because if something were to happen they would end up only injuring the intended person, " explained Caudill.

In his classes he walks the women through the mechanics of loading and unloading a gun, they practice scenarios of how to handle different kinds of situations and conclude with shooting on the range.

Caudill offers classes for both men and women and says everyone, including an experienced shooter like himself, can benefit from additional training.

"The more you know about things the better off you are. Although the more you spend time around things you lose the reverence for that item and it could end up biting you. So you've always got to retrain, keep up on your stuff and not slack, " said Caudill.

Caudill offers three different types of classes at slick hills. A concealed handgun course, a defensive pistol course and an NRA basic firearms safety course. Classes are offered most Saturdays.

The Slickhills range is for training purposes only and is not open to the public.

To learn more visit, www.okcarry.com.


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