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11-year-old-girl killed in Waurika House Fire


State fire investigators continue to determine the cause of a weekend house fire that killed an 11-year-old Waurika girl.

State Investigators said the fire was called in around 7:42 p.m. Saturday after flames were seen shooting from a two story home near the 200 Block of North Meridian Street.

Investigators said four people were inside the house at the time of the fire that included two brothers, and a girlfriend who were able to make it out to safety.

Investigators said one of the brothers went back inside to rescue his young sister when he became trapped and had to be rescued from a window.

Emergency Responders told investigators the Waurika Police Chief went back inside the burning home to rescue the girl but was unable to and suffered second degree burns.

Nearly and hour later, an agent from the State's Fire Marshals Office located the girl's body. Investigators said the house was not equipped with working smoke detectors and believed the fire started in the girl's room.


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