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Local Red Cross volunteer updates on progress from NYC

Last week, the Texas Panhandle American Red Cross Chapter sent one more local volunteer up north to continue the Red Cross relief effort for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Martha Riddlespurger was deployed last Saturday to New York City to help in the Individual Client Services group and Recovery, Planning and Assistance. She expects to be there until at least Monday of next week.

NewsChannel 10 spoke to her on the phone Sunday afternoon about her experience so far and she says she, among many others, are knee deep in case work for the hundreds and thousands of now homeless Sandy victims. Despite the hard work, Riddlespurger tells NewsChannel 10 volunteering in this way is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

"Oh, it just warms your heart. The people are so frustrated and so sad," said Riddlespurger. "Everything that they owned in the world is gone and it makes you feel good that you can play one small part in helping them get back to what I'm calling, get your own front door. Don't have a hotel front door and don't have a shelter front door but let's get you back so you have your real own front door."

Since the tragic Superstorm Sandy, the Texas Panhandle and Eastern Panhandle American Red Cross Chapters have sent a combined 14 volunteers up north to help with the recovery efforts and two of those volunteers have been deployed twice.

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