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Residents React to Fatal Waurika Fire

WAURIKA Okla_ Residents are still reeling over the news of 11-year-old Kailey's death during the fire in Waurika over the weekend.

Neighbors said the news of Kailey's death sent a shock wave through the town. They all said they were so affected because she was so young. A lot of residents on the street where she lived have children Kailey's age. They said they can not imagine experiencing such an incredible loss.

Two mothers in the neighborhood said they remember exactly what they were doing when they got the tragic news and how they felt.

"We're in shock," resident Shelly Cox said. "I see them almost everyday. I feel for her mom. It's hard to explain. It's shocking"

"It's sad. I couldn't imagine it being Ethan," fellow mother Brittany Morris said of her own son. "I couldn't imagine that. I couldn't do it."

They said it's difficult enough for adults to deal with the loss of a child, but said it's going to be even harder to explain to their children.

"My little brother knows her," Morris said. "He doesn't know yet, but we'll probably tell him before he goes to school. There will be a lot of talk about it, I'm sure."

Neighbors said the loss of the little girl who lived in this house will be felt by many in this town. They say she may have been different, perhaps a bit of a loner, but she was an important part of this tight-knit community.

"I can't imagine what her mom's going through," Cox said, "Because she kind of dresses kind of different. I'm sure people made fun of her, but you could tell her mom really loved her no matter what. I just don't know what else to say. It's horrible."

"They can't believe it," Morris said. "They're upset and shocked over it. Every body is talking about it. They're just thankful that they have their children at home."

A member of the family said the community is putting together some donations for the family. It's in the beginning stages, but you can contact Waurika City Hall or the Church of Christ for more information.

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