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Local Businesses Cracking Down on Selling to Minors

LAWTON, Okla_Thirteen businesses across Lawton made the grade Tuesday night. The test? Selling alcohol to minors.

It was the annual 'Too Much To Lose' sting operation put on by the Wichita Mountains Prevention Network and the ABLE Commission.

At each stop, the store's compliance was put to the test when two minors would try to buy alcohol. Only one business failed, but they didn't get a citation, just a warning stating the consequences will be much worse next time.

The officers were prepared to give out as many warnings as necessary, but were pleased to see so many businesses following the law and doing their part to keep alcohol out of the hands of underage drinkers.


Underage drinking is an age old problem. If a kid knows what they're doing and a business isn't enforcing the law, getting alcohol can be as easy as taking candy from a baby. That's why law enforcers across the state are banding together to crack down on the problem.

"Underage drinking is a gateway to a lot of different problems, and things that can develop in your community. It's more of an educational tool to go back, and also educate the kids and give them better opportunities, " said Chattanooga Police Officer, Rob Stallcup.

Split between two vans, four teenagers accompanied by state law enforcement agents tried to buy alcohol at businesses across town. And the results? Not so bad.

The first stop was a Walgreens on 67th and Cache. The two walked in and came up empty handed.

The pattern continued over and over at Country Mart on the westside, Outback Steakhouse and more.

14 businesses were visited in all, and only one, Discount Foods on Lee Boulevard failed. The female decoy who purchased the beer was shocked at how easy it was for her to get it, even after the cashier checked her ID.

"I was surprised because it's not something people my age should be doing, so I think the cashiers and stuff need to be more aware that they are enabling younger teens to do this and it's a bad habit for people to have, " said the anonymous decoy.

Although the day wasn't perfect, compared to the four illegal sales last year, they were quite pleased with the results.

"I feel pretty good. Out of 14 we only had one business that sold, so that's a pretty good number. I like to think that the training we're doing with law enforcement and the training we're doing out in the community is doing a good job, " said ABLE Commission agent, Gina Pratt.

Below is a list of the businesses that were targeted today. All passed with flying colors:


6701 NW Cache Road

Southwest Fine Wines and Spirits

7615 NW Cache Road

East Gore Liquor

2308 E. Gore Blvd.

Los Tres

2002 E. Gore Blvd

Outback Steakhouse

7206 NW Cache Road

Hoffman's Bar & Grill

201 NW Arlington Avenue

Red Dirt Bar & Grill

6425 NW Cache Road

Mike's Sports Grille

517 E. Gore Blvd.

Okeefe's Liquor Store

7615 NW Cache Road

Country Mart

6734 NW Cache Road

Country Mart

902 W. Gore Blvd.


6457 NW Cache Road


3003 E. Gore Blvd. 

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