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Parachutists plan jump in Frederick to honor WWII vets

Frederick_To remember, honor and serve the veterans of World War II.

That's the motto of the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team, based in Frederick. The organization is spending this week teaching new members the art of "old school" army parachuting.  The jump school is in its 17th year with students from around the country and across the world.

Robert Starr, 65, of Racine, Wisconsin, is among  the cadets who practiced emergency scenarios Wednesday---knowing what to do when faced with a parachute problem in the air or how to properly land on their feet.

But one of the main purposes of the jump is to honor the World War II veterans who did it in combat.

"These men and women, not just the airborne, all of them, they stopped everything they were doing. They stopped their lives to go out and defend the world. To be able to stand here and say that I try to represent them is probably a dishonor to them, because how can I represent such great people...except to say that I'm proud to be able to do it."

They'll jump Friday during the Open Hangar day in Frederick.  The public is invited to watch, and check out the old C-47 plane they'll jump from.  The celebration runs from 8am til 4pm.

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