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$100,000 for Duncan PD for drug bust

Duncan_The Duncan Police Department added more than $100,000 to its bank account Thursday, thanks to a check from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

DEA Agent Richard Salter made the presentation to reward the department for their work in drug bust that happened last July in Guthrie, when investigators arrested a dealer from Oklahoma City. 

One of the Duncan Police Department's officers is assigned to the DEA office in Oklahoma City,  and information that the officer helped gather contributed to making the bust.

The bust was part of  a joint investigation with several agencies, including the DEA and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford says the amount of money the agency receives after a bust from a joint investigation depends of several factors.

"Depending on the amount of information the officer has, depending on the assistance that's provided to the person that's assigned there. all of that is critical in determining how the funding is distributed."

He says he's proud of the work his investigators contributed to this $269,000 bust, and says their portion of the money will go far.

"There's equipment that we have, for instance, equipment and software to get information off of cell phones and computers, wouldn't happen. To computerize all the cars, we would have been able to do half of them, but we never would have been able to do all the cars. pay for the lease on air cards monthly."

Chief Ford says not only do these types of busts get traffickers and dealers off the streets, they also provide a good incentive to an already motivated investigated team.

"It gets everybody motivated when you see something that benefits an officer directly. Anytime you get that direct benefit back, it's going to motivate. It's not that our people aren't motivated, just that extra incentive to say, you know, this is worth putting that extra time into it and all of them do," said Ford.

Ford says the almost three-year-long partnership between his department and the DEA has worked wonders for helping battle Duncan's drug problems.

"The idea is yes, our person works with him across the street and in other states, across the United States. But, they also concentrate on the local community. so, we've had that assistance that we wouldn't normally have had. and that's critical."

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