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Three flu deaths reported in Comanche County

Undated_The flu has claimed the lives of six more people in Oklahoma, including three right here in Comanche County.  The deaths occurred just in the past week. All who died were at least 65 years old.

"Most people that are older are living with a chronic condition or have multiple chronic conditions. They take at least, typical one medication and all of those can impact the bodies ability to fight the flu," said Janette New, of the Comanche County Health Department.

 With the flu count in the state now at 611 , expected to rise and claiming lives closer to home, she says it's more important than ever to remember preventative measures.

"Get your flu shot. Cover your cough. If you're sick, stay home from work. If your child is sick, don't send them to school," said New.

But New understands we all have to venture outside at some point. With our hands coming in contact with various germ-carrying items such as doorknobs, shopping carts and other people's hands, it's also important to remember the standard procedure of washing your hands.



The State Health Department says now a total of 14 people have died in Oklahoma so far this flu season.

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