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PETA Protest in Amarillo

Some area residents saw signs that say "plucked alive", "feathers ripped out" and "down hurts" in downtown Amarillo Thursday.

This is what local residents have to say about this aggressive campaign. PETA member Andrea Patton says, "I actually was a meat eater when I moved to Amarillo. And I kind of believed that ignorance is bliss. And once you open your eyes to the cruelty that goes on and. I think you finally decide that that's not what you want to contribute to." Amarillo resident Mike Romero says, "I think people have a right to protest. But I also believe that God puts animals on this world to service man. So if that goose feather is going to keep us warm, I think God appreciates us using them."

Thursday's protest points out how PETA says geese are abused to make bed spreads, pillows and coats more comfortable for people.

PETA says they use unusual methods to catch people's attention. Some examples from past years include, a woman painted like a tiger confined to a cage with a sign above her that says "Wild animals don't belong behind bars." Another, Women wore lettuce bikinis and gave away free gas to anyone who listened their campaign.

Campaigner Katie Arth explains, "Facts and figures often times aren't enough to get people's attention. And when it comes to how animals suffer behind the scenes in factory farms and slaughter houses, most people don't want to see that cows have their throats slit often while they're fully conscious and can feel pain. That chickens have their bones and wings broken at slaughter houses. We come up with fun and quirky visuals to get people's attention."

PETA says there are ways you can help stop animal cruelty. Arth says, "We can help by choosing cruelty-free products whether it's a veggie burger. Choosing to not go to the circus. And finding great cruelty-free synthetic clothing to keep warm without causing animal suffering."

They were in Austin earlier this week holding this type of protest and will be in Oklahoma City tomorrow.

Here's a link to the PETA website which includes behind-the-scenes video of the down industry:

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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