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Utility Surcharge Looming in Geronimo

Geronimo_Some Tough choices face the town of Geronimo, when it comes to bringing it's sewer lagoon system up to DEQ standards.

Thursday, Mayor Ed Mounts held an open meeting to let people know what they're up against.

The total cost of the project will be roughly 1-point-4 million dollars. Mounts said the way to pay for it will be a surcharge on water and sewer bills of anywhere from $5 to $10 a month.

How long they'll have to pay for it, and the precise amount each resident will pay depends on how much money they'll have to borrow to complete it.

"I was basically expecting a lot of kickback, but people in town understand what's going on, and they understand things go bad, and you have to fix it. So, it's been a very supportive meeting from the folks that came out," Mayor Mounts said.

Mounts says they're continuing to search for ways to reduce the cost of the project. He did not offer a timeline as to when work on the Lagoon Project might start. 

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