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Comanche Nation Museum gets Code Talker items on loan

Lawton_A big honor is on the way for the Comanche tribe. The famed code talkers of World War II will be awarded a Congressional gold medal.

It's been in development for about five years.  Museum officials say the actual presentation may happen this spring.  This news comes just a day after a Texas man loaned the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center authentic items given to him by one of the code talkers, Charles Chibitty.

The collection includes Chibitty's actual uniform, with the purple heart perfectly placed, along with his helmet and a Nazi flag that Chibitty took while in battle.

Before dying in 2005, Chibitty gave a newfound friend, Joe Martinez, a very important task.

"He said, 'I need these stories to continue, and I am the last code talker. Once I am gone, the stories are gone'," Martinez said.

At that moment, Martinez vowed to make sure he did everything in his power to keep the legacy alive--the legacy of 14 Comanche code talkers.

All of these special items will go on display as part of the Museum's grand finale of its current exhibit. Martinez has agreed to loan more items so that the museum can hold an exhibit dedicated solely to the code talkers.

The grand finale of the museum's current exhibit opens with a public program at McMahon Auditorium on February 28th.

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