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Trail Dance Film Festival comes to Duncan

Duncan, Okla._The Trail Dance Film Festival kicked of in Duncan Friday. Film makers from around the country have invaded the Simmons Center and the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center to show off what they've been working on.

Although, Duncan may not be Hollywood, the small town is making a name for itself by bringing in some of the best of the best in the film making arena to the Trail Dance Film Festival.

One of those film makers, Sam Borowski, is in Duncan showing his new short film called "Pollination" which has Oscar rumors buzzing for next year.

"The tag line is, plants are the child of the earth, they will grow and respond according to how we treat them," Borowski said. 

Borowski came from New York City to see how his short film would resonate with an audience of Oklahomans.

Borowski said, "I come to Oklahoma because it's a much different market, the Midwest is much different than New York or Los Angeles, the east or the west coast. And I want to see how my work responds with the great people in the Midwest."

He's been hearing that Oscar buzz, so he's confident the film will be a hit with Trail Dance goers.

"I do think that they'll take to the film. People all over the country in festivals have taken to the film. This is our fourth festival and we've won something in two of the previous three, and we've been nominated in everything. So, we're hoping we're going to win here!"

Win or not, Borowski says when it comes to being a film maker, if you're not fueled by telling a good story, you're in the wrong business.

"You really have to love what you do and I love it. It's the great love of my life. Aside from a few women and some other people in my life, my family, it really is the great love of my life."

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