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Gospel Star Spreads Message of Peace at Anti-Violence Concert

LAWTON, Okla_There have been prayer walks and town hall meetings and Friday night, the campaign crusaded on in Lawton with the 'Stop the Violence Concert'.

The concert at McMahon Auditorium aimed at spreading a message of peace and helping rid Lawton's streets of violence.

Ten local music acts and one major gospel star took to the stage to share their gifts with the community.

The headliner was DeWayne Woods, and he is one of the superstars of the gospel music world. Concert organizers said he committed to performing after he learned about one of the first prayer walks back in November, and he preaches a message of peace and unity. 

When DeWayne Woods got the invitation to perform at the 'Stop the Violence' concert, he didn't have to think twice.

"I think that it's a great cause, so it was a no brainer for me, " said Woods.

Concert organizer Tony Que knew Woods' message was exactly what the community needed to hear.

"You know we've been going through enough worry with losing family members, the violence and everything, so it's time to just let that go, kind of break and let God just kind of soothe your hurt for one night, " said Que.

Woods sings about letting go and letting God. Which is a powerful message in itself, but even more powerful because it comes from a personal place.

"I'm so used to trying to handle things on my own, " said Woods. "I've come to find out that I don't have the answers, I don't know the way I'm supposed to go, I don't know the things that I'm supposed to say, so I can only turn to God."

He understands people are programmed to stress and worry in their day to day lives, but he urges everyone around him to let go of the stress and focus on peace.

"I'm always about peace. I'm always about showing love to one another. Hopefully there's something that we can say tonight that can be able to spark something in someone's mind or in their heart, " said Woods.

He believes the more people allow God to take control of their lives and the community, the violence and strife will vanish before their eyes.

"If I can say one thing or sing one thing that will make someone turn around and change the way that they're acting, change the way that they're going through their lives, that's my whole purpose for being here. I'm not about crowds, I'm not about trying to please people, I'm just here to encourage and to help somebody else, " Woods said.

The 'Stop the Violence' campaign doesn't stop there. Organizers already have another concert planned for February with special guest, gospel star Lee Williams. 

The money raised from the concert will go toward an upcoming Teen Coalition project in Lawton.

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